Sunday, 11 November 2012

The 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

What on earth will we do without technology? Everyday something new comes about that makes life a little bit easier and as fantastic as we all are searching for the next best. Almost every “tech shop” promotes new and improve or bigger, better and faster when watching the adverts on TV.
But with all that greatness come a lot of responsibility and accountability. It is great to have access to all kinds of online media but what about all the unspoken consequences that comes with it?
Which brings me to the 10 most unexpected consequences of being online:
1.    Social media is fantastic, but we end up having “friends or contacts” we don’t even speak to face to face (what’s the use?)
2.    Strangers having access to your personal information, you thought was safe.
3.    Random strangers sending random invites
4.    Businesses registering on social media but have no idea how to use it and in the end only being damaging to the business.
5.    The urge to complain online and accidently writing it on your bosses profile
6.    It’s really great being a social butterfly, posting drunken, embarrassing images of yourself online could be detrimental to your image and reputation.
7.    People who you would have loved to stay in your past now have access to you.
8.    Using online as a platform to tell all about your life – not everyone needs to know.
9.    Online stalking
10.  Taking fraud to a different level
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Conventional is a good fall-back position isn’t it?

No one likes to be told, you are so predictable but being adventurist and trying new things is not that great either. Why? Because with new things comes new risks and opportunity for failure. Another word I don’t like much… but on second thought that is what life is all about – learning new things, thinking out of the box and stepping out of your comfort zone.
For some this is seen as easy but for me, it’s completely scary. Should I try anything new or daring I need to know the pro’s and con’s involve but then what’s the use as it defeats the purpose all together. I don’t think it’s completely wrong but the fact that things are familiar to us and we know what to expect, makes the process so much easier.
Thinking about it now, maybe one should stop being so calculated and live a little …just sayingJ

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength

So strange, this is typical me. I am an emotional being, I cry when I’m extremely happy or something amazing took place happen and then off course I do cry when I’m angry, frustrated or sad.
I always used to think that because I cry so easily it is a weakness but then I learned that crying is good for the soul. It shows compassion, sympathy and empathy and who I truly am.
I am not ashamed of it because it is who I am and that I do not shy away from showing emotion and how I feel. I believe you should be who you are, no one is perfect and everyone has flaws. Sometimes we feel we need to always hold it together, for ourselves, our family but it is okay to let go and to let it be. 
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Looking back....

As the year is coming to an end, I look back and can just thank God for carrying my through. We all faced some sort of trial and tribulation or an obstacle that we through we’ll never will overcome. But God has shown us Grace, Favour & Mercy and has given us exactly what we needed at the right time to make it through.
I’m grateful for all my family, friends, classmates and colleagues and lecturers for their on-going support, encouragement and motivation when the road was too long – I appreciate you all with all my heart!
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To the best (and only) sister in the world...Ashlin

A few months ago I was involved in a smash and grab indecent on my way home. Needless to say, I am still traumatised by what happened and could not see myself driving pass this place again alone.
Knowing that I have to attend class after hours, the idea of driving home by myself was just too much. My youngest and only sister offered to wait for me at her office and will drive with me at night after class.
I have classes four times a week and sometimes it run until 9pm. She never complained, moaned or groaned and waited with me until the very end.
Ashlin huni, this is to say THANK YOU and I love you the world!
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The last Lecture

All year round we moan and groan about the attending classes, doing assignments and meeting ridiculous deadlines. But then just one morning you wake up and you realise that you have reach the end of your journey and suddenly I’m sitting in my last lecture and should feel happy and great because it’s done, but instead you think, “I’m actually going to miss this”.
All the things I have been moaning and groaning about are the things I’m going to miss most. The great friends I made, my lecturers that guided and helping through the year. While at school I remember we use to have an end of the year parties, just to end it of on the right note, wishing everybody well and letting them know, we’ll be in touch.
Wish we had one to end of this year! Going to miss you all!
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How old would you be if you did not know how old you are?

I would love to be 18! It was those years when life was easy and carefree. School was the most important thing I had to worry about and homework and house chores was the only stress I’ve known.
But even then, we could not wait to start working and earning our own money so that we can buy the things our parents said no too. But little did we know that being an adult is not all that glamorous and if you had issues dealing with the authority of your parents who loved and cared for you, try thinking of how you can or cannot deal with the authority of your boss to be.
Being an adult is not easy, so many things and so many responsibilities and off course some perks – not nearly enough. Being 18 would definitely suit me best.

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